Helping Businesses Build
Audiences in Germany

Let's face it...

Even if you're somehow familiar with the German language, writing high-quality German content is hard.

In fact, getting German copy written as a foreign brand can be daunting.

You have to worry about grammar, syntax, and cultural nuances that most non-native speakers don't even think about.

And just translating your original English or Spanish content won't work, as it will sound terrible.

What you need is a creative and experienced German content writer who knows how to capture your unique voice and produces engaging, error-free content that will help you reach your target audience in Germany.

So, whether you're looking for help with your website content, blog posts, social media posts, or ads for print, I can help you craft the perfect message that will resonate with your target audience in Germany and get them excited about what you have to offer.

I understand the importance of writing impactful copy that speaks to your target audience.

I also know how to craft headlines and calls to action that will grab attention and encourage people to take action.

As a small business owner myself, I also understand the challenges of growing a business. That's why I'm passionate about helping other small businesses succeed.

Your job is to build a fantastic product or service.
My job is to help you connect that product to the German audience…

Business owners who want to market in Germany have realized that they need someone

√ who helps them with their web presence.
√ who will write articles and texts that will effectively sell the product and thus increase sales.
√ who takes care of customer support, social media and time-consuming tasks.

And they need a professional who translates their existing English or Spanish content into German words so that sound exciting, or who writes fresh copy is for these entrepreneurs. is for you.

Hello, my name is Sven ( with my son Diego)

Besides being a former direct sales trainer in a German multinational, I’ve made the Internet my living room for almost three decades.

It all started with an interest in new technologies and their future possibilities when I was 17 years old (about 28 years ago).

I started the classic online career as a solopreneur with a series of successful micro-niche blogs, using the possibilities of prehistoric social networks.

At that time, the word “blogging” didn’t exist. Google and Facebook were still in the distant future. And routers sounded like R2D2.

For nostalgics, listen to it once more:
Hundreds of affiliate websites and blogs later, I opened an online shop with my best friend in 2010. It quickly became one of the most popular German online businesses in its field and pulling in over more than 2.6 million euros in revenue in just two years.

Gradually the world of copywriting & content marketing opened up to me and I had the opportunity to learn from the best.

Some of them are James Chartrand, Jon Morrow, Copyblogger Authority and Steven Aitchison and AWAI (American Writers and Artists Institute). I invested literally thousands of Dollars for their courses and for being able to look over their shoulders.

Now, enough drivel about me. I guess you want to see some of my works? So, just click here :)

Content Writing, WordPress Development & Translations

Purpose driven web copy that creates an emotional connection with your german prospects, describes your products or services with clarity and converts readers into excited customers. If that sounds appealing to you, let's talk.
Just in case you want to send me a gift (for what other reason would you need my address? Plus, I love gifts and I have clients that send me wine and other goodies), here is where all the magic happens:
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